Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday slice: books in the class.

Today, as my students took a diagnostic test (grrr), I went through my library logs and figured out what students had checked out and had had since early February. Then I eyed the shelves and figured out what might be missing that wasn't recorded.

I know that books will go missing. They will migrate to beneath beds, in closets, unused bags, and even trunks of cars. Sometimes, they are needed elsewhere. But I'm hoping many of the 20-30 titles (I didn't count) come back. 

To inspire them to repatriate, I made a little display. I ended up taking two small white boards and writing down all of the missing books. Then, I used push pins to secure them to a corkboard and put little signs around them that said things like:. 

  • Have you seen me? 
  • I'm missing!
  • Please find and return to room 213!
  • If you find any other books marked KERVINA, bring them back to 213, too. Their friends miss them!
  • If you have good books that need a new home, bring them to 213. They will make new friends!

Maybe they will come back. Maybe some won't.

I do know that one of the girls in the class immediately said " I have three of those! I meant to bring them today, but I woke up late and I was tired."

That gives me hope.